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Publicly identifying with Jesus


We are ending the Spring semester by celebrating life change! On Friday, April 30 at 7pm we are gathering to worship Jesus and cheer on those in our young adult community who are making public declarations of their new life in Jesus Christ. If you have never been baptized read below, register and celebrate with our Thomas Road family on April 30!

Why get Baptized?

After you have accepted Christ as Savior, a first step in recognizing Him as your Lord is to proclaim Him as your Lord. You do this by being baptized in water.
Water baptism has a long history among God’s people. In Mark 1, John the Baptist was preaching for people to repent. For them, baptism was how they could show that inward heart change through an outward action. He baptized people in the Jordan River until he introduced Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus’ disciples continued the practice of baptism – after all, Jesus invited them to do so. Since then, the first churches in the book of Acts all practiced it, and it has been an ordinance of Christ’s church to this day.
Still, you may have questions about baptism, so take a moment and read an excerpt from our START book answering some frequently asked questions about baptism.